Viber now lets you attach files, retrieve and delete sent messages


Viber started out as just a free messaging service where you can communicate with your loved ones over the Internet. But it has evolved into something that even businesses can use to communicate with their customers and offices use to discuss projects with teammates. The latest update to the app has new features that will benefit both your personal and your professional messaging needs, sometimes even both at the same time.

If you’ve been using viber to communicate with various team members in the office or even with those who are in another country, and yes, even clients, then you’d be happy to know that you won’t just be able to send pictures now. The latest update now allows you to attach documents, presentations, archives, and even other files. So no need to message them and say that you’ve sent an email with the latest document attached. You can just directly attach said document so all those in the group conversation (or send it in a private message if it’s confidential) can access it.

Almost everyone has probably sent a message that you eventually regretted or sent a wrong message to the wrong recipient, whether in your personal conversations or professional ones. Now Viber lets you delete said message (or messages), not just from your end, but for all those who received the message, even after it’s been sent. There is no time limit for this, so even if you decided to delete it a week later (which may defeat the point but whatever), it will still allow you to do so.

Sharing your Viber with your friends is also now easier as there is a “more” option. You can check if the update has rolled onto your Viber account, and if it hasn’t wait a few more days so you can delete that message you’ve been itching to delete.


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