Rugby Nations 16 game now out for Android devices

As the Pool stage of the Rugby World Cup 2015 is now in full swing, chances are you’re looking for more fixes of one of your favorite sports. Or if you’re a new fan, you probably want to know more about the sport or even actually play it. Well if you’re talking about digitally playing it, then you’re in luck as Rugby Nations 16, the newest edition in the game series, is now out for Android devices, just in time for World Cup fever.

You get to pick which of the 20 countries available, which are also the 20 that qualified for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, you get to play in the game. You get the entire tournament feel, complete with the actual rules and mechanics, plus the atmosphere with the crowds and all, and even authentic commentary. You get to play “live games” as you try and get your team to the finals. There are even goal celebrations and scoring animations to keep you entertained, aside from the game itself.


The newest edition of the game also has much improved touch controls where you can easily master how to control the players and the gameplay itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a newbie player or already a veteran of rugby mobile gaming, as long as you master the touch controls, you’re already on the same page.


You can download Rugby Nations 16 from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available once you’ve mastered the basic and want to enhance your gaming experience more.



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