Rugby Nations 16 game now out for Android devices

As the Pool stage of the Rugby World Cup 2015 is now in full swing, chances are you’re looking for more fixes of one of your favorite sports. Or if you’re a new fan, you probably want to know more about the sport or even actually play it. Well if you’re talking about digitally playing it, then you’re in luck as Rugby Nations 16, the newest edition in the game series, is now out for Android devices, just in time for World Cup fever.

You get to pick which of the 20 countries available, which are also the 20 that qualified for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, you get to play in the game. You get the entire tournament feel, complete with the actual rules and mechanics, plus the atmosphere with the crowds and all, and even authentic commentary. You get to play “live games” as you try and get your team to the finals. There are even goal celebrations and scoring animations to keep you entertained, aside from the game itself.


The newest edition of the game also has much improved touch controls where you can easily master how to control the players and the gameplay itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a newbie player or already a veteran of rugby mobile gaming, as long as you master the touch controls, you’re already on the same page.


You can download Rugby Nations 16 from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available once you’ve mastered the basic and want to enhance your gaming experience more.



Google facing another antitrust case, this time in the US

Majority of the Android community may be grateful to Google for all the products and services that company has introduced or will still announce but admit it or not, not everyone trusts it nor is happy about its huge success all over the world. No doubt about it, Google is the world’s biggest search engine and the Android platform dominates the mobile industry in terms of market share, closely followed by Apple’s iOS.

Aside from the antitrust case against Google and the Android platform filed by the EU in Europe, Google is facing a new antitrust investigation, this time in the United States. The issue is not really new since there was a similar inquiry a couple of years ago.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Justice Department have recently partnered to start an investigation to check if Google is really giving priorities to own services on Android. That’s probably an expected behaviour but Google is said to be restricting others, giving them a hard time to thrive within the mobile industry. Nothing has been confirmed yet but Bloomberg reports the information came from anonymous sources.

This Google favoring its services and products to be available on Android is believed to be violating antitrust laws as it dominates a market or industry and then customers are forced to pay or use. Since both the Justice Department and the FTC are mandated to enforce antitrust laws, the two are also expected to work on the issue and investigate but only one group must lead the investigation this time.

Google was previously questioned about its practices in Internet search and unfair practices, causing other competitors and consumers to be harmed in different ways. FTC and Google reached settlement on antitrust investigation that the search company would changes their ways to show that they are not prioritizing some search results and that Google would remove online ad restrictions.

We have yet to know if this antitrust matter is final and official but we’re not considering this as just a rumor. Google and Android dominate an industry so it’s normal that business practices are questioned. As to whether they are in violation of the consumers and antitrusts laws, investigations must continue.

VIA: Bloomberg

Users angered by Cheetah Mobile’s purchase of QuickPic

Developers know by now that they should beware of the wrath of the annoyed Android users, as they can easily make or break you with their Google Play comments. If they like you, they really really like you, as popular photo gallery app QuickPic understands since they’ve been the darling of apps in their product line. But if they hate a certain developer, and it’s a hate that isn’t unfounded, then they will really hate you, as QuickPic quickly found out when they were sold to one of the most unpopular and widely hated developers out there.

When fans found out that Cheetah Mobile bought QuickPic, negative comments lambasting the move, the new owner and even the app which they previously loved, flooded its Google Play Store page. Take note that nothing has changed yet for the app, as far as we can tell, and yet people are already hating on it. Why, you ask? If you’re not aware yet of who Cheetah Mobile is, then we’d be glad to enlighten you, and this will explain why a lot of Android users are already prejudging the app under new management.


If you’ve ever downloaded an app that seemed very similar to some popular apps only to find out that it was kind of an imitation app that is “dripping with adware”, then more than likely, this has come from a developer like Cheetah Mobile. A lot of the ones that they churn out are duplicates of features of most Android phones, fooling some users into thinking this might be an improved product, only to find it useless, pointless, and it even slows down your device.


So you may understand why users are up in digital arms, so to speak. Maybe this time Cheetah is trying to have a sense of respectability by buying a legit app that is loved by many. But given their business practices, it’s highly unlikely they will leave the app alone. Let’s wait and see, but don’t get your hopes up.

VIA: Android Police