New ‘Apps’ results layout, colored grid hit Google mobile search

Google’s search engine is number one. No questions about that but you know, even if the Internet giant’s algorithm is generally reliable, we can’t expect the mobile app version to yield the same relevant results all the time. It’s the same with the Google Play Store. Searching for a particular app won’t quickly show the title you need. For some reason, Google hasn’t fully worked on that one yet but it’s trying to make the Search app smarter.

Just recently, Google has rolled out a new layout for “apps” search results on mobile. When you search for a new app or something related and then add the word “apps” in the end (i.e. keyword + apps), the Search app for Android will automatically show a grid of app results. Normal search results will still show up but you’ll see them just below the apps. You’ll see a grid of colored blocks and clicking on a button will expand the grid to show more information.

This update is visible only on Android. Clicking on app will directly take you to the listing on the Google Play Store. Google has not made an official announcement yet but a number of Android users have already confirmed the changes have indeed appeared on their mobile devices.

VIA: Android Police


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