Sygic acquires Fuelio, premium app now available for free

Fuelio is one mobile navigation Android app that’s been widely used by drivers. It was recently acquired by Sygic and so the latter has made the Fuelio app, a previously premium app, now available free for all Android users. All pro features of Fuelio can now be used including all charts, stats, summaries, widgets, as well as, Google and Dropbox syncing.

This business development brings Fuelio to more drivers who want to keep logs of gas usage. The app also provides information on how much one is getting out of each gallon. And if you’re driving to a place unknown, you can identify places where you can gas up with the help of Google Maps and GPS.

From premium to free, it seems generous of Sygic to offer all PRO features. The app developer Adrian Kajda sold Fuelio to the company and is now working for Sygic. It’s the group behind the offline GPS navigation app named Sygic GPS Navigation. The company mainly focuses on Sygic Truck Navigation and Family locator, Sygic Car Navigation, Speed cameras, and be-on-road. The developer will still be the product leader and main dev of the app and he is now officially part of Sygic.

fuelio joins sygic

Some of the pro features of the Fuelio app that are now available for everyone include Auto-sync with Dropbox, Auto-sync with Google Drive, Costs module, Cost stats, Shortcuts, and Cost charts showing total monthly costs, fuel vs other costs, and categories. The standard features are still available like Mileage log, Useful statistics, Multiple vehicles, Import/Export database to SD, and Charts showing Monthly costs, Fill-up costs, Fuel price, and Fuel consumption.

Fuelio 2
Fuelio 3
Fuelio 4
Fuelio 5
Fuelio 6

Download Fuelio from the Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: Fuelio


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