Omni Swipe (ex Lazy Swipe) update: locked screen, better search, etc

The bigger our smartphone screens get, the harder it becomes to use it with just one hand. We told you about an app a few months ago that will help you with that problem. Back then, it was called Lazy Swipe, but since then, it has been renamed Omni Swipe (probably because not everyone who wants to use the app is actually lazy). The newest update to the app brings better search functionality, random wallpapers for your display, and other minor improvements as well.

In case you already forgot, Lazy Swipe was all about reaching what you need from your smartphone with just one swipe, including your favorite apps, your most used ones, the recently used or installed ones, and even the” emergency” settings buttons, like toggling Wi-Fi on and off, flashlight, etc. You could choose to deploy it from the left or right bottom part of the screen, whichever is more comfortable for you. It was a pretty good app, and became one of the most promoted apps in the tools category of the Google Play Store.

The latest update to the app brings a few more minor improvements, like the fact that it now works even on locked screen, so no need to unlock your device either with biometrics or a password. If you want to get a different wallpaper every once in a while, you can tap the “I’m Lucky” button now included in the update. Tapping Phone in the Interact mode also means dialing the contact you’ve opened then. The search functionality has also been improved, and optimizations have been done.

You can update your Omni Swipe now. But if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can get the app for free from the Google Play Store.


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