Explore a distant alien planet in Exiles, free version now available

Several months after Exiles, an adventure in an alien world, was released for Android, a free version of the Sci-Fi 3D role playing game is now ready for download. It’s just the free version so don’t expect you’ll experience the full game set in a distant planet that’s been driven to desolation and isolation. The evil government tries to bring in a lethal virus to enslave the people and anyone trying to rule the planet.

You’re goal is to become one of the best Elite Enforcers, called to go on different missions. You are in a huge world that is sadly, full of alien hives, robot enemies, and those vicious aliens. You need to discover the secrets and unravel them in order to save the planet.

In Exiles, you can choose from three character classes and be part of a big colony with several interior locales. If you wish to use and upgrade a weapon, you can do so as there are a huge variety of weapons. These weapons are just some of the things you will need to fight those aliens created to fight.

This free version of Exiles doesn’t offer in-app items but you are encouraged to download the full version of the game. Last time we checked, game is $6.99.

Exiles 5
Exiles 4
Exiles 3
Exiles 2
Exiles 1

Download Exiles from the Google Play Store


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