‘Did You Mean…’ shows up on drop-down results on Google Search app

The top search engine sometimes suggests alternative search terms especially when it detects you might have made a mistake or spelled a keyword wrong. That’s expected on the desktop version but we just heard reports of the Google Search app doing the same thing. This could mean an improvement to the algorithm of the Google search app perhaps to give Android users a more enhanced experience all the time whether on desktop or mobile device.

I tried it myself by searching for “andoid”. That’s an obvious typo so the Google app knew it was a mistake but it showed a suggestion on the search results.

google search

The new ‘Did you mean…’ location was spotted by a user, appearing on the drop-down search results, and NOT on the final search results. Like this:

search results did you mean

That’s different from the previous “Did you mean…” suggestions but it somehow eliminates the time in looking up for the correct term. When you see suggestions right away, you can just click on a word. It’s like predictive text but this time, for search.

Google has not officially announced the addition of this feature on the mobile app but it certainly is useful now. Interestingly, this is not available in Chrome or on the web version because traditionally, correction will only show up in the suggestions found in the results. So this seems like a new feature although I’m sure a lot of people won’t really notice right away.

We’re not sure if this is a new and permanent feature on Google Search. We don’t have any other information so let’s just be patient. You can try it for yourself and see if it works on your phone.

VIA: Android Police


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