Start a running lifestyle with WalknRun fitness app

While fitness apps and devices have been a continuously growing industry, not all mobile users are keen on adapting a healthy lifestyle, for various reasons (probably because it’s really hard). But you don’t really have to start from doing no exercise to immediately hardcore working out. Even something as simple as walking or running for fitness isn’t that easy, and you would need to do it, literally, one step at a time. An app called WalknRun can help you in this journey towards becoming a regular runner.

Formerly called run+1, the app lets you start out small in terms of your walking or running goals, and then gradually as you get the hang of it, you can increase your level of difficulty until you eventually become a hardcore runner. It analyzes how you work out (if you do at all) and then will suggest your next Target Running Time. But it won’t tell you to run for 30 minutes straight. It actually suggests that you break it down into short running intervals, with some walking in between.

Especially if you’re a new runner, you would need for your body to adjust first to get comfortable running before you take it up another gear. The app uses analytics software which will collect and aggregate the statistics that it gets from your data. But not to worry, the data will not be used to identify you, if you’re uncomfortable with that kind of thing.

You can download WalknRun from the Google Play Store for free. While it has been created by Xperia Labs and therefore will be optimized for Xperia devices, it will also work on other Android devices.



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