Sony adds 3 new wireless speakers to its premium audio lineup

To the uninitiated, a wireless speaker is just the same as any wireless speaker. But for audiophiles and those with a discerning ear, each is different, not just in terms of features, but also in watts, how many and what kind of sub speakers are included, digital amplification, etc. And for those who are into these kind of things, Sony is probably one of the better brands available in the market. They are now introducing three new speakers to add to their premium audio lineup.

The SRS-X99 is a 154 watt speaker system that includes seven speakers inside. It is made up of two super tweeters, two front tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and one subwoofer. It also has S-Master HX digital amplification circuitry that is perfect for hi-res audio files. The SRS-X88 has slightly lower specs, with 90 watts and five speakers, that include two front tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and one subwoofer. It also has the S-Master HX that has faithful wide-frequency audio reproduction. The SRS-X77 meanwhile packs 40 watts with one built-in subwoofer and dual passive radiators for those songs that are best listened to with a great bass response.

All of the speakers have Google Cast support so you can stream your favorite music, audio books, and podcasts from your connected device from your streaming service of choice, including Pandora and Google Play Music. Just push the cast button on any of your compatible devices and you have your audio playing on the speakers. You can also search, browse, play, skip, and adjust the volume through the app that you’re using.

All of the three speakers have multi-room functionality so you can stream music all over the house if you have more than one of them at your disposal. Using the SongPal app and the SongPal Link functionality, you can control what you’re listening to through all the wireless speakers, sound bars, and AV receivers. The SRS-X99 costs $699.99, the SRS-X88 is $399.99, and the SRS-X77 will cost you $299.99. They are currently in the pre-selling stage, and will be sold through,, and Amazon by the end of July.



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