Solid Explorer File Manager goes Material Design, gets Chromecast support

File manager apps are a dime a dozen but not all of them offer a rich file browsing and cloud management experience. The Solid Explorer File Manager app was recently given an update with some Material Design love, eye catchy animations, and more options for customization. This Solid Explorer File and Cloud Manager now allows dual panels as file browsers with drag and drop action between them. You can now customize the app with your preferred themes, icons sets, and color schemes.

This app by NeatBytes works with several network clients (SFTP, FTP, WebDav, SMB) and supports TAR, RAR, 7ZIP, and ZIP archives. Even when encrypted, app can still read and extract the files. The Solid Explorer File Manager allows different Cloud clients including Google Drive, Copy, OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega, Mediafire, Sugarsync, Owncloud, and Box.

You can also use it as a root explorer with root access. And since Chromecast support is in demand, this file manager also gets such so you can stream files to any nearby display. 

This file explorer and cloud manager app boasts a modern and sleek design plus an intuitive navigation. The two independent panels offers a different yet more productive browsing experience even when you are mobile.

Solid Explorer File Manager 5
Solid Explorer File Manager 4
Solid Explorer File Manager 3
Solid Explorer File Manager 2
Solid Explorer File Manager 1

Download Solid Explorer File Manager from the Google Play Store


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