Snapchat update: tap to view, snapcodes with picture, two-step authentication

If you’re a Snapchat user for the longest time, you’ve probably had calluses grow on your finger if you view a lot of snaps and stories on the app. That’s because, for those who don’t know, you have to hold a finger down in order to view them. That’s okay if it’s just a single picture. But if you’re watching a 30 second video, it gets kind of annoying. A new update to the ephemeral messaging app now allows you to just tap to view, and brings other features as well.

So now, you have the freedom to just tap on a snap that you want to view, lift your finger, and continue watching. Of course if you don’t want to view it anymore, just drag your finger anywhere on the screen to dismiss it. While some would say the holding down action made Snapchat different from other apps, we’re still glad it’s gone to make life easier, at least in that aspect.

You also get two new ways to add friends on the app. You have the “add nearby” feature which is pretty self-explanatory, and another one is to use the Snapcodes you’ve saved in your camera roll. If a Twitter user you’re following posts their Snapcode, just screencap it, open your Snapchat, then choose the add Snapcode option. You can also now include a selfie in your snapcode so that people will instantly recognize you if you post the code or if you add them.

Lastly, since Snapchat can sometimes be a “sensitive” app, security is truly important. the two-step authentication process is now rolling out to users. The update should be there on your mobile device now, but you can also check for it on Snapchat’s Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Snapchat


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