Huawei Zero set to rival Moto 360 with 4-day battery, lower price tag

Huawei first released a smartwatch last year but it looked more like a wristband. A nice looking watch was shown off at the MWC 2015 earlier and we even got our hands-on with the classy-looking Huawei Watch. The wearable device was expected to arrive middle of the year but it’s been delayed in China until 2016 but we’re still hopeful it will come as promised.

Huawei is believed to be working on another one that is also rumored to rival the Moto 360 as the most popular Android Wear smartwatch today because of its specs and affordability. The Huawei Zero features a round watch face with a more seamless design compared to the stylish Huawei Watch.

Huawei Zero Circle watch 2

Some images were leaked on Weibo but have since been removed from the website. The Huawei Zero looks like a round version of the Apple Watch, what with the curved rim of the watch that’s bigger than the Moto 360. Why Zero? The smartwatch won’t have any buttons. It would still look like a real and ordinary watch minus the watch crown.

Huawei has suggested earlier that it’s based on Scandinavian design, thus, the smooth, clean, and minimalist look. It may look really simple but this Huawei Zero is believed to be IP68 weather resistant. As for the battery, Huawei has hinted on a four full-day battery life in one charge. That’s pretty impressive for any smartwatch we’re not sure now if it will indeed be loaded with Android Wear.

huawei zero android wear

No information on pricing but we’re guessing it’s cheaper than the Moto 360. We’ll see when the watch is officially launched next month in August.

VIA: SlashGear


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