Dolphin Emulator for Android to take advantage of 64-bit ARM technology

If you haven’t heard of Dolphin Emulator or are not sure of what it is really, we actually wouldn’t be surprised. Dolphin Emulator is a niche crowd type of software – originally an open-source emulator for Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii games on a Windows platform. Now they’ve been trying to bring the emulator to Android – “try” being the operative word – but the project has floundered so far because of the basic lack of computing power available on Android devices. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The speed of turnover in processing technology for mobile devices is nothing short of bewildering, but this works in favor of finally having a stable port of Dolphin Emulator on Android. The increase in the processing power available – especially in NVIDIA’s Tegra chipsets – is really impressive, enough for the developers of Dolphin Emulator to be convinced that there could be hope for a stable port using NVIDIA’s current devices, especially the Tegra X1-powered NVIDIA SHIELD TV Console.


The limit was always in ARMv7’s 32-bit computing – 32-bit was not going to do favors for Dolphin. This is why the developers are announcing that they are most likely stopping efforts to design a port with 32-bit in mind. Instead, the developers will focus on porting to the new 64-bit ARM architecture called AArch64. As a treat, click on the video below for a test of Dolphin Emulator on Android TV, particularly the NVIDIA SHIELD Console.

It actually looks promising. Imagine a near future where you could actually play your Gamecube and Wii favorites on your Android TV gaming console. That just sounds crazy and amazing, and so we wish the developers of Dolphin Emulator all the best!

SOURCE: Dolphin Emu


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