Ticklr lets you switch from heads-up to ticker notifications

Despite the generally positive reviews of Android Lollipop and its Material Design, one feature that hasn’t been that well-received by Android users is the heads-up notification, which can be at times annoying and eats up space and time dismissing them. But it seems that Google is having none of it, and will most likely still be in the next major update, Android M. Good thing there are apps out there that can help solve this problem for you, like Ticklr – ticker notification app.

Last week, we told you about HeadsOff, an app that takes out the heads-up notification to stop annoying you. Now you have Ticklr, and it basically gives you back the ticker format, which people have been missing ever since the upgrade to Lollipop. The app automatically disables the heads-up system and replaces it with the ticker one. Another good thing about it is that the ticker notifications still appear even when you’re on locked screen.

Your screen wakes up for a few seconds in order to receive the notification and for you to glance at it quickly. You can also customize the notification color for each app, but for a limited number only. If you want to have more apps to customize, then you should get the pro version of the app. You will also get more customizable options and settings as compared to the free version.

You can download the free version of Ticklr from the Google Play Store. You just need to pay $2.84 to get the PRO version of the app.



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