Instagram updated with new Explore page, improved search

The popular photo-sharing app, everyone’s favorite Instagram has just been updated. Well, some of you may disagree that it’s a fave but we can’t contest the fact that the app is still one of the top social networks today even after so many years. The Instagram team has just announced two big updates to the app. One is the improved search and the all-new Explore page.

The Explore page now includes trending Places and Tags in real-time. This is where the newly updated or trending images can be found. You can see photos from everywhere in the world. It is where you can quickly see the newly updated photos.

Instagram search 3

You can view all the trending stuff on Instagram from all corners whether they are trending places, new people, glimmering island, extreme athletes, towering rocks, or ancient ruins. You might be overwhelmed though with all the images you see because more than 70 million IG photos are posted on the site every single day on the average.You can also see some curated collections of images uploaded on Instagram. Check out cool and interesting accounts, architecture, beaches, and other places.

Instagram has also improved on search. It’s more powerful now and it’s much easier to discover people, places, and tags right on the app. Search about anything from fashion to a favorite hangout, or a new artist or band–you can find almost anything on Instagram. The new Places Search will also allow you to see hundreds to thousands of photos of a certain place or event. You can just be exploring but you can also search on Instagram to give you ideas for your next travel.

Instagram new search

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SOURCE: Instagram


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