Google branches out to health devices, reveals health-tracking wristband

Regular health statistics are very useful for doctors and health professionals when treating patients with chronic illnesses and conditions. But the data coming from a regular checkup can only go so far. Daily data, if available will do a lot to help. This is the target market for Google’s new wearable.

Bloomberg reveals that the wristband was developed by Google’s life sciences division. The wearable is intended to collect such “minute-by-minute” data from their subjects/patients – things like skin temperature, heart rate, exposure to light and noise, among others. Sounds very useful.

“Our intended use is for this to become a medical device that’s prescribed to patients or used for clinical trials,” Google’s Andy Conrad said in a statement to Bloomberg. The target market for the wearable will be doctors and patients who require the collection of very accurate data from day to day.

Google already has some sort of health-monitoring features in its Android Wear platform, but Conrad says that these features are not rigorous enough for this kind of data. Doctors, researchers and even medicine companies have been waiting for a way to continuously track patients’ vital signs, and this device might just be it.

SOURCE: Bloomberg


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