D-Touch Doom emulator now available on Amazon Appstore

Doom is officially coming to Android. But even before it happens, someone was able to make an emulator to port the game into any Android device. The idea of Beloko Games’ Doom emulator is for players who wish to port their copies to another device. It was pulled out from the Google Play Store for obvious reasons but it has already found its way to the Amazon Appstore. That’s not surprising but there is a huge chance it will be pulled out as well.

Beloko Games is known for making “high-quality usable ports with exceptional Touch Screen and Gamepad support”. If you have a copy of Doom and want to play it on an Android phone or tablet, you can do so with the D-Touch emulator. The emulator app is now being sold on Amazon for only $2.85. With this app, you can access 3 Doom engines (GZDoom, PrBoom+, and Chocolate Doom). It also offers full mod support on the GZDoom, full gamepad support, and some touch controls.

If you’re a big fan of DOOM, get this app before the game developers demand for this to be pulled out from Amazon.

D-Touch Doom emulator 1
D-Touch Doom emulator 2
D-Touch Doom emulator 3
D-Touch Doom emulator 4
D-Touch Doom emulator 5

Download D-Touch from the Amazon Appstore

VIA: Droid Gamers


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