OPPO Mirror 5 sighted, coming very soon with advanced camera tech

One of the many Chinese phone manufacturers making a name is OPPO especially in the budget to mid-range phone category. Earlier this month, new mid-range units, the Neo 5 and Neo 5S were introduced. This was after the OPPO R7 and R7 Plus were also launched last May 21 in China.

Next in line is this OPPO Mirror 5 smartphone which was recently shown off by GSMArena, complete with exclusive images of the upcoming Android Phone. Looking at the photos, the Mirror 5 features an attractive rear panel similar to the premium OPPO phone, the R1X. The panel looks gorgeous with its mirrored diamond pattern giving off that stylish and luxurious design and feel. The sleek and slim phone looks tempting because it even features an advanced camera tech.

No details have been confirmed yet but OPPO Mirror 5 is said to feature a 5 megapixel front-facing camera with Beatify features for the selfie addicts. The rear camera will come with PureImage 2.0+ interface. As for the specs, we can expect a 16GB built-in storage, 2GB RAM, 3G or LTE connectivity, and an unknown processor. We have yet to wait for the official announcement but we can say the OPPO Mirror 5 will be available end of June or July in about 20 markets globally. You can choose from either the standard 3G or LTE variants.

As expected, Taiwan will receive the OPPO Mirror 5 first. It’s actually the follow up to the mid-range OPPO Mirror 3 launched earlier in January. Although we didn’t get to review that one, we’re expecting the OPPO Mirror 5 will be a pretty decent mid-range smartphone. The advanced camera technology will make this one a winner.

OPPO Mirror 5 b
OPPO Mirror 5 c
OPPO Mirror 5 d
OPPO Mirror 5 a
OPPO Mirror 5 d



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