Prison Escape Puzzle will test your escaping skills

If you find yourself in prison, I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do to help. You’re on your own now but you have the power to escape from prison by finding some items and solving the puzzles in this game called Prison Escape Puzzle. It’s another addictive and fun puzzle game that will challenge your wits and skills.

Prison Escape Puzzle features super challenging and tricky puzzles but there’s nothing you can’t complete. Of course, you’re a genius but you still might experience some difficulties along the way. The stunning graphics will impress you and make you feel as if you’re in a real prison. They are actually hand-painted so you know game developer Big Giant carefully worked on this game.

Prison Escape Puzzle is free to download from the Google Play Store. There’s no signup required so you are free to just enjoy this escape game. Turn this escape puzzle challenge into fun adventure game because as a prisoner, you have nothing else to do but plan out an intelligent escape.

Ready to solve the puzzle? Look around your prison cell. What do you see? A coin, pillow, an ice pick? Check inside and under the garbage can and then finish that tic tac toe you see on the wall. That crate can be moved and you are free to chip away the wall that’s already cracked. There’s a cell key hidden somewhere and all you got to do is look for it to unlock the door.

Prison Escape Puzzle 5
Prison Escape Puzzle 4
Prison Escape Puzzle 3
Prison Escape Puzzle 2
Prison Escape Puzzle 1

Download Prison Escape Puzzle from the Google Play Store


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