Humble Mobile Bundle brings 8 BulkyPix games

The guys at Humble Bundle are pretty committed to their cause, bringing gamers quality games at low costs and making oodles of money for charities as they do it. We see their commitment in the fact that there’s another Humble Mobile Bundle out, this time featuring at least eight games from game developer BulkyPix.

Same basic rules apply, but this bundle has a lower limit to how much you can give. You can get four games – which includes “Pretentious Game – Lovers Edition”, “iPollute”, “Meltdown Premium”, and “Type:Rider” – if you pay USD$1.00 or higher.


Pay more than the average – which is at USD$3.84 at time of writing – and you unlock four more games, with a possibility of other games added to this group within the week. The unlockable games in this group include “Dark Lands Premium”, “Twin Blades”, “Corto Maltese”, and “Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete”.

So you would need to shell out at least USD$1.00 for this bundle, but you need not worry. You’re getting gaming content worth at least USD$45.00. Check out the source link below if you’re interested in this bundle.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle


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