HeadsOff removes Lollipop’s Heads Up notifications

While Android 5.0 Lollipop brought a lot of welcome changes to our smartphones and tablets, not all of them are particularly helpful or useful or they can be downright annoying. The Heads Up notifications seem to be heaven sent at first as it allowed you to get more information about the notification without necessarily drawing down the notification slide. But if you have tons of apps, and a lot of persistent ones at that, it can get tedious and annoying. Good thing we have an app like HeadsOff.

Based on its name, you kind of know what the app basically does right? Yes, it turns off your heads up notifications and instead, brings it up to the original notifications from the right of the screen. It also disables these heads ups even while you’re on locked screen mode. There are two versions and if you don’t like paying for your apps, you’ll be stuck with the free version where you disable the heads up notifications for all the apps and ironically, a persistent notification pops up for you to switch to the paid version.

Now, if you really want the app’s full power, then you wouldn’t mind paying a couple of dollars to experience it. The Pro version lets you choose which apps’s heads up notifications should be disabled. The newest update also now brings you the ticker text notification, which shows you the first few lines of a message in your notifications bar so you know what action to take on that message or alert.

You can download the free version of HeadsOff from the Google Play Store for, well, free. The PRO version will cost you just $1.99, so if you hate the Heads Up, better shell out for the HeadsOff.

VIA: Aus Droid


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