“Code Black” HD Camera drone ready to crash into anything [DEALS]

Remember the Code Black drone? Yep, that little quadcopter that could and does. This little bugger is back and it’s back with a vengeance! While the previous drones cost less than a hundred bucks, this limited edition version goes above just a wee bit. And for good reason. Aside from being stealthy and small, the “Code Black” HD-Camera Drone comes not by itself but with a custom-curated “crash pack” that will give you spare parts and whatnot so that you won’t have to fear for your drone’s safety. Too much.

The drone only measures 3.25 x 3.25 x 1.25 inches, so you might be a bit worried about the punishment that the little guy can take. After all, small as it is, it is quite agile and can flip all four ways. To put your mind at ease, we’re bundling a couple of things inside an “emergency kit”, just in case the drone does take a beating.

Included in this crash pack are 16 spare blades, 2 spare motors, 2 spare LED lights, 4 rubber feet, and a blade protection bumper. Not that the drone is that fragile, but better safe than sorry, as some would say. Normally costing $237, this special 51 percent deal lets you go home with the Code Black HD Camera Drone and Crash Pack for only $115.

And yes, we do have a bonus deal just for you!

If you’re not the flying robot type and prefer to relax, or dance, to your tunes in style, then this rather eccentric Yantouch Diamond Bluetooth Speaker might tickle your fancy instead. Shaped like a multi-faceted sphere, this ball of music has color-changing lights to suit your moods or you music. It even has sunrise and sunset modes for easing in and out of sleep. It has an alarm as well, if you need help getting up. And, being a Bluetooth speaker, it can pair with your Android device for a better listening experience. For $119, instead of the usual $200, you can get the Yantouch Diamond Bluetooth Speaker to spice up your room and go with your tunes.


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