‘The Hit Car’ lets you experience new shoot and drive action

The Hit Car is another interesting racing game for Android that will probably make you scream and shout out of excitement. Those little green dudes are really annoying and you’re called to get rid of them by driving around and hitting them while collecting coins to upgrade weapons and buy more guns.

We’re not sure what those green dudes are but they could be zombies or criminals. Hitting whatever creature is violent but it’s your job right now. There are more missions to finish and new arenas to tackle. One of your goals is to unlock new achievements. Those weapons and upgrades will definitely help you. Choose from among these weapons: Heavy Gun, Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, Smail Ammo Box, Medium Ammo Box, Large Ammo Box, and Barrel Heatsink.

Shoot and drive. This game is very simple and easy to play. You might get addicted to it. I promise you won’t get dizzy playing this game even if you’re driving around. It really helps that there’s no blood coming out or splattering on the floor whenever you hit those green people.

Objective of the game is violent enough but there must be a reason why you have to those dudes. You just have to find that out.

The Hit Car 1

Download The Hit Car from the Google Play Store


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