Seamless switching from front to rear cam now on Snapchat

Have you ever been taking a video of yourself (selfie-style of course) when you suddenly wanted to switch to the main camera, but had to turn your camera around instead of just seamlessly switching to it? Well, if the video you’re taking is for Snapchat (don’t worry, we won’t ask what video it is), then the latest update to the ephemeral app allows you to do just that. The update also brings a few minor updates, which may still be useful for some users.

The biggest thing with their update is that you now can do on video what you have been doing for pictures. You can switch from your smartphones’ two cameras, front and back and vice versa, in the middle of recording your snap. It makes it easier for the user to share what they are currently doing, which is kind of the point of Snapchat (or rather, the original intention). Still photos have had this feature for some time now, but at least you can now do it on video.

The update also features other minor changes to the app. If you use Snapchat on a different device than the one you originally logged on to, then it will send you an SMS to verify that it is really you. But you’d have to turn this feature on in the settings. You can also add battery filters to your Snaps, just in case you wanted the person you’re chatting with to know that you’re low on juice already.

The update has rolled out to Snapchat users already. If your app hasn’t updated yet, you can manually do so by heading on over to the Google Play Store.


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