Get “paid” to take out criminal organizations in Hitman: Sniper

If you’re of sound mind and have no danger of ever suddenly turning into a criminal after practicing shooting someone’s head off, then first person shooter games would be “fun” if you’re into that sort of thing. A new game from the Hitman universe (you know the one with Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47) would be your cup of tea (or blood, or something). Get to practice your shooting skills, all virtual of course, as you try to get the job done for your client.

The job we mean is the elimination of the top criminal elite in beautiful Montenegro. You play Agent 47 who is tasked with taking down members of the organization who are giving this beautiful place a bad name. Not only do you get to fulfill over 150 missions, which mostly involves shooting at people from a distance, but you also collect weapon parts and get blueprints to get to build the most powerful rifle known to man. You can unlock and assemble 13 different kinds of rifles.

You can also watch a replay of your kills, not really for sadistic reasons, but to uncover other clues as well. If you are feeling competitive, you can play against your friends to see who an rack up the most kills. See how you’re doing against them and the rest of the world in the leaderboards. And if you want to go undetected (as snipers often do), you can master that skill using your environment.

You can buy Hitman: Sniper in the Google Play Store for $4.99. There are still some in-app purchases available as you get to do what you’re paid to do and become an expert assassin. Again, just virtually we hope.



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