Facebook Lite announced, now ready for download in Asia

The Facebook Lite APK was made available for download back in January. A few months later, the app is now ready for users of low-end Android users. This is a lighter version of Facebook for Android that works with any Internet connectivity. It uses less data compared to the full Facebook Android app that heavily uses data.

Over a billion people around the world check their Facebook profiles every single day, maybe a dozen times in a day, from different mobile devices subscribed to various networks. Unfortunately, in some areas, Internet can be slow. Not everyone has quick access to or has quick-loading smartphones. For such budget-friendly or sometimes mid-range phones, the Facebook app would often crash or just close especially if the phone is too busy. As a solution, Facebook developed a lighter version to give more people a reliable Facebook experience all the time.

When bandwitch is low or is at a minimum, Facebook Lite is your friend. The new app is only less than 1MB so it doesn’t hog much data. It can operate on 2G networks, as well as, in some areas where network connectivity is limited.  It’s the simplest version of the Facebook app we’ve grown to love with complete access to News Feed, photos, notifications, and status updates among others.

Facebook Lite is available now for download in several Asian countries. This lite version will soon arrive in Europe, Africa, and Latin America in the next few weeks.

Facebook Lite 4
Facebook Lite

Download Facebook Lite from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Facebook


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