Train wizards and sorcerers in Schools of Magic Android game

If you’ve been inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies to someday run your own Hogwarts (if that would ever be possible), then you need to start training as early as now. A new Android game allows you to practice building and managing your own school of wizardry and training wizards and sorcerers as well. Not only that, you will also go up against the most powerful schools of magic who have a tyrannical hold on your world. Get ready to be immersed in Schools of Magic.

The game combines resource management and real-time combat as you run a school of magic and try to defeat the druids, mages, priests, and necromancers who want to keep everyone thralled to their dark arts. You’ll be training wizards to do battle, while at the same time, making sure that your school is running smoothly. Your resources have to be up to date as well so that you and your wizards will have the right magical objects to fight against the other magical creatures.

The game has four modes to choose from. The school management mode is more on the administrative side as you try to recruit wizards, research new spells, and train your students. If you want to fight against other wizards from around the world, you can choose the real-time multiplayer PvP mode. The campaign mode lets you go to battle against the four wizards who head the four schools of magic but who’d like to control the entire world. The customize your wizard mode just lets you choose the hats, robes, capes, rings, and weapons which have their own special abilities.

You can download Schools of Magic for free from the Google Play Store. While there are in-app purchases available, all the four game modes we mentioned can be played for free.



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