Google Now On Tap feature works without having to leave an app

Over at the Google I/O 2015, Google’s Director of Product Management, Aparna Chennapragada, discussed that Google Now will soon receive an important update. In the next few weeks, expect to see changes in the the feature as the tech giant is set to focus on giving better Context, Answers, and Actions. Google Now has been very useful but the new features can provide immediate answers with the “Now on Tap”.

“Now on Tap” gives the impression of tapping items now or all the time. For example, you can easily order an Uber ride, view your grocery list, or play Spotify or Pandora music. With Now on Tap, Google Now will be moving and jumping inside other apps. So if you’re listening to a song on Spotify, you can just ask something like “what’s his name?” and Google will tell you the answer after a simple Google search. Or when you’re watching a TV show or movie on Google Movies or YouTube, you can ask who the cast members are. If you’re using Chrome, you can tap a word and you will see a card with information on the particular word. We’re expecting this new feature, Touch to Search, to come when Chrome 43 for Android launches in the next few days, together with Faster Checkout.

Google Now continues to expand by adding more support. It’s more than just special notifications, help with travel, or news stories, Google Now is set to bring smarter answers to questions usually asked. With the upcoming release of the newly announced Android M, Google Now is expected to be smarter than ever. The “Now on tap” feature will soon allow you to tap and hold the home button for assistance on anything that you are doing.

Google Now on Tap

Just ask Google Now for more information and it will do the job for you. If you’re on the phone talking to a friend about a movie, request Google Now to check the schedule, trailer, ratings, or buy tickets–without leaving an app. Google knows you want specific information so when you say “Ok Google” from any app or screen, Google Now will search the answers for you.

This new feature will be good for app developers who want to bring their apps out there. As long as apps are indexed by Google, there is no need for developers to do some coding or do anything on the app to integrate with Now on tap.

Google Now on Tap 5
"@SlashGear and @Androids Google IO 2015 Keynote"
"@SlashGear and @Androids Google IO 2015 Keynote"
"@SlashGear and @Androids Google IO 2015 Keynote"
Google Now on Tap 1

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Chrome Releases, Inside Search


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