Office Lens now available out of preview for Android

If you’ve always wanted to have the ability to scan documents while you’re mobile, without having to lug around an actual scanner or even a portable one, the arrival of scanning apps was probably a dream come true. But some of those apps probably have very limited capabilities aside from just like taking a picture of your receipt or contract or even picture. As part of Microsoft’s continued “reinvention”, their Office Lens is now officially available for Android devices through the Google Play Store.

Actually, this app has been available for Android for more than a month now, but only on the preview mode. After 130,000 Google+ community people who tried it out and gave their feedback, the pocket scanner has been tweaked and adjusted, and is now ready for massive downloading by Android users. What makes this pocket scanner stand out from its competitors is that it recognizes the corners of the document or surface area you’re scanning and it then automatically crops, straightens, enhances and eventually cleans up your image. So even if your paper wasn’t completely straight or the angle of your whiteboard wasn’t straight, it will still come out as a straight document.


You can also save the scanned file on OneNote or OneDrive so that you can still access it on your other devices. You can save it on to multiple sources at the same time instead of one by one. It can convert anything from paper documents, electronic screens, and even whiteboard notes onto Word, Powerpoint, and searchable PDF files. It uses OCR technology so that you can search for keywords even if it’s in image format.

You can download Office Lens from the Google Play Store for free. You need to sign in to your Microsoft account for easier saving and converting into other Office apps.

SOURCE: Office


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