Last chance to join the Huawei Watch Giveaway [DEALS]

With all the focus on the big players in the smartwatch industry, it might be too easy to forget the relatively smaller players that have products that are just as interesting, sometimes even better. The Huawei Watch didn’t exactly make a big splash, but we found out for ourselves that it was a little hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. And now you can discover that yourself, for free even, if you get to be the lucky one in this Huawei Watch Giveaway that is quickly coming to a close.

In fact, you have little less than a day to put your entry in. The mechanics haven’t changed. Simply join by putting in your e-mail address. Increase your chances by putting the word out on social media. SIt back, relax, twiddle your hands, and hope against hope that Huawei is at your back.

To recap the features, the Huawei Watch is pretty much your standard Android Wear timepiece with 512 MB or RAM and 4 GB of storage. It is, however, one of the few that have a full 1.4-inch round screen at its disposal, capable of displaying 400×400 pixels. It’s body is stainless steel for both a premium look and a sturdy build. Unlike most Android Wear smartwatches, however, this has two buttons instead of one.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this once in a lifetime chance to grab a Huawei Watch of your own. The Giveaway closes today, 20th May at 11:59 PT.

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