Google to launch a new web photo sharing service

Google may still have Picasa as its own photo editing and sharing tool but the tech giant is believed to be launching a new picture sharing and storage service. This one is believed to be separated from and not integrated with Google+ unlike Picasa but will also allow users to post and share to Twitter and Facebook. All we have are hearsays and rumors for now but there is a high probability that we’ll hear about this at next week’s Google I/O Conference in San Francisco.

We’re considering this as a rumor for now but Google has been struggling to beat Facebook and other social media services and tools when it comes to photo sharing so this could be another attempt. A product totally separate from Google+ will be more useful to everyone. Facebook is the most popular social network today and most people share photos there on Instagram, also owned by Facebook.

Separating a photo tool and photo sharing from Google+ makes more sense because really, Google+ hasn’t been that successful in the social media game. Earlier in March, Google Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai made a statement that social and photo streaming features “were likely to be treated as separate features” and this could be it.

We’ll see at the Google conference next week if the company has something important to share.

VIA: Bloomberg


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