YouTube update: permanent cast button, maybe audio-only download soon

A new update that will soon arrive on your YouTube app (but is already available through APK) brings a few minor changes to the way it looks on your mobile devices, including icon changes and the appearance of a button that is both useful (for those who have Chromecast or Android TV) and useless (obviously for those who don’t). But what’s even more exciting is that there is a possibility that a much requested feature may come to us soon.

First of all, when you update the app, you’ll see a rectangular cast button on the screen permanently, rather than only when it detects that there is a casting device nearby. If there are no cast targets within range, it will be a grayed out shape that will not react to any tapping or clicking on it. If you don’t have a Chromecast or Android TV, that small icon may be kind of annoying, as it takes up space and is practically useless for you of course. The update also brings new icons for the privacy picker, with new symbols for the Public, Unlisted, and Private buttons. The pop-up box is bigger, the background color has been changed from gray to white, supposedly to make it more visible.


But probably the biggest news about YouTube is something that is still not fully confirmed. A new code string has been spotted that seems to indicated we will soon have a “download audio only” option for storing offline content. This is great news for those who’ve been wanting to save those music videos, but just the audio part, to save up on space on their mobile devices. However, this is still unconfirmed, so don’t get too excited yet, particularly the Musc Key subscribers.


The update has not been officially released yet through the Google Play Store. But the APK, signed by Google, is already available for downloading and sideloading on your device.

SOURCE: Android Police


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